It has ONLY been one and a half years….

November 28th, 2011

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but here I am. Still kickin’ AND rv-ing.
I bought a 1956 Airstream thinking it was inexpensive and proceeded to replace much of the innards….. not cheap, but very cool. Did all the work myself and am very proud of that fact – in spite of the info. (who knew) that one is not welcome in many rv parks if your ‘rig’ is over 5 years old…..ooooops.

So, I went from Madrid, New Mexico to SOUTH-ern California. I came to a place that was heralded as “40 minutes” from San Diego (maybe at 99mph) and that had an artist’ colony (NOT) -I AM the artist colony…..
It is about 20 minutes from the Mexican border and 1.5 hours from San Diego and…..absolutely gorgeous today. Huge oak trees, monster granite and sandstone rocks, dry, high. (Right smack on the San Andreas fault)

As for the ‘coracle’, it held up all the way here just fine. As I was getting the wheels/ bearings greased as I was trying to leave Santa Fe and I asked the guy if he thought it could go 70. He looked over his glasses at me and said “well, at that time 60 was the top speed for any vehicle.”


So, much to my delight we went 55/60 all the way.  After I got a sway bar dealie it was much more fun and much less terrifying to go down hills.

The truck seemed happy with the whole thing. It is an F250 Sooper Dooty with a 9′ x8′ flatbed- seems like overkill, I guess, but as I had to give my house back to the bank it holds all of the ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY stuff that artists have. Paints, books, canvasses, more paints, etc.  And, as I started out (this comes in the “who knew” category) I realized that most of the weight in the trailer needs to be in the truck- and the rest of the weight in the trailer needs to be in the very front.  My son looked under the trailer last week and said that the leaf springs “look good”  but the axle looks like it belongs on a Volkswagen!  EEEEEp.


I almost stayed in New Mexico. I went to Ramah, NM on the way out of town and was enchanted! It is an old farming town south and in the middle between Grants and Gallup, NM. I looked at property there for three days, drooling like an idiot (whatever makes me think I will EVER be able to buy anything again) over wooded, New England-ish lots with views of red rocks. OHWOW. It occured to me then and since then that I could buy a 5 acre parcel in a place where the CCRs are minimal and live in the trailer and build a strawbale house.     sigh…..

I think I will see if I can talk my sons into this fascinating project. Don’t know how many straw bales I can carry to 8′ at this age!!

So, me and my dawgs (a beagle chihuahua and a chocolate lab) are actually living in this 26′ Airstream Overlander and it is actually better than I thought! We are all adjusting to the facts-of-life-in-California which means that one must ALWAYS have the dogs leashed and one must ALWAYS have a bag.

None of us like that but we DO understand.


Hello world!

June 21st, 2010

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Welcome to coracles and coyotes!


Coracles are simple boats built out of willows and a waterproof ‘skin’ that have neither rudder not draught.They are (were) used to drift and fish. They can go practically anywhere in very shallow water and can be put on your shoulder and carried home (with the fish!)

Welsh monks used to go on pilgrimages in coracles.  They knew that the real journey was within (aided by a bit of risk without) and the actual destination of the pilgrimage was unimportant – although as I am beginning to realize, one needs a destination-in-mind to get one’s rear in gear!

Coyotes are either (and) clever scavengers which prey on other’s leavings and clever Heyokea. More on all of this later!

I need to drift and fish!!

So, with a meager destination in mind, I have decided to drift and fish: I will put myself, my puppies and my art stuff in an rv and leave this coyote-filled burg.  Having just turned 65 and spent the past three years scared to death that the economy was going to get me,  it is time to let go (once again) of the need to control every aspect of my life and get on with the adventure part. I can visit my sons and have a ‘room of my own’; I can winter where it is warmer and artsy and I can spend the driving months exploring the west and finding new landscapes and people.

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