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Hello world!

Monday, June 21st, 2010

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Welcome to coracles and coyotes!


Coracles are simple boats built out of willows and a waterproof ‘skin’ that have neither rudder not draught.They are (were) used to drift and fish. They can go practically anywhere in very shallow water and can be put on your shoulder and carried home (with the fish!)

Welsh monks used to go on pilgrimages in coracles.  They knew that the real journey was within (aided by a bit of risk without) and the actual destination of the pilgrimage was unimportant – although as I am beginning to realize, one needs a destination-in-mind to get one’s rear in gear!

Coyotes are either (and) clever scavengers which prey on other’s leavings and clever Heyokea. More on all of this later!

I need to drift and fish!!

So, with a meager destination in mind, I have decided to drift and fish: I will put myself, my puppies and my art stuff in an rv and leave this coyote-filled burg.  Having just turned 65 and spent the past three years scared to death that the economy was going to get me,  it is time to let go (once again) of the need to control every aspect of my life and get on with the adventure part. I can visit my sons and have a ‘room of my own’; I can winter where it is warmer and artsy and I can spend the driving months exploring the west and finding new landscapes and people.

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